What we do


The content of your website and your social media pages can make a huge difference to your brand’s values and online visibility. By ensuring your content is fresh, accurate and compelling you’ll increase your customer engagement and your site rankings to deliver long-term loyalty and business growth.

Our expertise is in creating clever copy that not only delivers the search engine results, but also engages your audience and enhances your image. We spend time getting to know your brand and its objectives before we start to make the messages you communicate reflect your tone of voice and stand out in the cluttered digital environment.

Search engine optimised website copy
The challenge with website copy is to make sure it tells the audience what you offer in a clear, interesting way that aligns with your brand tone of voice and company values. It also must be search engine optimised, to make sure that when a potential customer searches for your offering, you appear ahead of your competitors. Give us a brief, a list of the keywords that you want to appear for and your online marketing objectives. Copyfox will turn your optimised website copy around at low rates, in no time.

Blogs are shorter, punchier articles that are designed to engage readers, encourage discussion and sharing, increase brand awareness and drive users back to your website. Leave your blogs in our hands and we will identify key topics, create a blog strategy, write posts and seed them around the web at a flexible frequency. The more engaging your blog is, the likelier it will be shared which will boost your ratings in Google, Bing and Yahoo!.

Authority articles
Authority articles will help to enhance your reputation as a thought-leader in your field. Longer and more detailed, authority articles will also embed a larger volume of your keywords and back links to boost your organic search position and your site traffic.

Optimised press releases
Maximise the visibility of any announcements or product launches with optimised press releases, to draw in a larger audience and increase your reach. Our history in traditional journalism, PR and digital will mean your announcements are in the hands of experts.


Social media is an exciting new digital territory that gives brands an opportunity to be braver than they might be in a traditional media environment. We stay in tune with the latest developments so that you don’t have to, so that we can ensure your brand can prepare for the next big thing.

Google, Bing and Yahoo! now factor in the amount of comments, shares, likes and followers to determine your position in their engines. So your social media strategy is crucial to your search engine rankings.

Social media strategy
We will study your brand, your objectives and your budget to create an overarching social media strategy to reach your target market and your marketing goals.

Social media campaign strategy
We can concept, develop and implement successful space-specific social media campaigns that help you stand out, engage your target market and boost your brand awareness. Get more Likes and get more Followers who’ll give your campaign the invaluable stamp of peer approval.

Social media implementation
Let us run your social media for you, across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We can help respond to comments, manage any crises and deliver reporting at a frequency of your choice that will help shape your social media presence.


We can help devise the strategy and the content of your eCRM program, whether it’s campaign specific or for the long run. Maybe you just need an eDM turned around RIGHT NOW! Just send us what you need and we’ll have you covered in no time.


We have considerable experience in print media. Perhaps you need to roll out your digital campaigns into an offline space in which case it’s easier to go under one roof. Or, perhaps you just need someone to create a corporate profile, a brand guideline or a brochure? Our offering is not online exclusive and we’d love to help you with any of the following:

Press release
Direct Mail

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