Two words for tomorrow

If you’re passionate about the future of Australia, or just about fascinating social experiments (for those of you elsewhere) then I highly recommend you take two minutes to check out this important and brilliant campaign by GE’s future-thinking arm, Imagination at Work.

It asks users to simply type in two words to describe the issues that are important to them and the future of the country. From clean beaches, to property prices I’m sure everyone has an opinion on what they think needs improvement. Social media campaigns like this make it SO much easier for ordinary people to get involved in the politics of their country and make real change. No more excuses!

And you don’t have to worry about your words getting lost in the digital ether, they’ll be lit up on major displays across Perth, Brisbane, and Sydney on the following dates:

Perth – Murray St Mall – Thursday 26th April / Friday 27th April
Brisbane – Reddacliff Place – Thursday 3rd May / Friday 4th May
Sydney – Martin Place – Sunday 27th May / Monday 28th May / Tuesday 29th May

My two words were HOME BUYING. But that’s just because I’m super upset about the idea of not being able to afford in the Eastern Suburbs and by the beach! Do something Julia! A little selfish maybe…but I’m pretty sure loads of people feel passionately about this too.

Head to the site, or check it out on Facebook. This is important people! Two words = BIG change.

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